The Crown In Crisis – Daily Express, Daily Mail & The Guardian

Gosh, what a busy few days. I’m delighted that my book The Crown In Crisis has been serialised in the Daily Express yesterday (29 June) and today (30 June), with the content revolving around Edward VIII and his Nazi sympathies and the bizarre divorce case of Wallis Simpson. It’s especially appropriate because the Express, and its proprietor Lord Beaverbrook, plays such a central role in the book. You can have a read of the first extract here:

Regular readers might also remember that I have mentioned George McMahon, Edward’s would-be assassin, before. I was thrilled that the Guardian, and several other papers (including Italy’s La Repubblica), have run a story about my discovery of McMahon’s extraordinary autobiographical document ‘He Was My King’, about his involvement with the Italian embassy and his MI5 links. Richard Kay of the Daily Mail has also done a fine write-up. You can read some of the pieces here:

A lot more to come – podcasts, TV appearances, reviews, etc. All will be linked to here as and when they appear.


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