A Little More Than Kin

This is something rather different from me, but I’ll attempt to briefly sketch in some background.

Before I started writing historical biographies, I tried my hand at novel-writing. Like most people, I have an embarrassingly large number of half-finished, half-baked ideas and a couple of truly embarrassing fiascos. However, not all that long ago, I came across something that I wrote and completed over a decade ago. It’s an attempt at a black comic novel,¬†A Little More Than Kin, and re-reading it, I thought that, while it has no pretensions to being a great work of literature, it’s modestly entertaining and probably deserves a bit more of a lease of life than it’s previously had.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to put it out as an e-book for anyone curious to peruse. I don’t regard it as anything more than a light diversion – but there’s something rather liberating about airing one’s laundry in public. As it were.

Those intrigued can have a look and, if so inclined, purchase it here.





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