Restoration – publicity and appearances

The publication of my second book, Restoration: The Year Of The Great Fire, is very nearly upon us. It’s a shift away from the literary/historical biography of Blazing Star towards a blend of social and narrative history, focusing on the year 1666 and the goings-on that occurred then. I hope it’s accessible, interesting and enjoyable.

If you want to get a flavour for it, an edited version of the introduction can be found at the Head of Zeus website, and I’ve written a piece for Discover Britain about ‘10 things you never knew about the Restoration‘, as well as another for Country & Town House about ‘why the Restoration era is still relevant today‘. There’s also a feature in this month’s Britain magazine about the wicked goings-on in Restoration London, and a couple more to come as well. I’ll update this as and when they appear.

The first review has now appeared in The Times – have a read (if you can get through the paywall) here. And Thom Cuell, aka The Workshy Fop, has written perceptively and sympathetically about it here.

The Daily Express described it as ‘an excellent, wide-ranging book about a period of history that contains far more of interest than simply the Great Fire.’ Have a read of the piece here.

I’m going to be doing some talks over the next few months about the book – the one I’m most looking forward to is an appearance at Britain’s leading history festival, Chalke Valley. Tickets are on sale at the end of the month and no doubt will be a hot property…

As ever, drop me a line if you would like any further information, to suggest a public appearance or to ask for a signed copy.